Analysis and solution mapping

This review then led to BHP Group working in close partnership with the client, with the objective of improving company culture and staff morale.

This included control of their health & safety management systems and the re-writing of all policies and procedures to ensure compliance with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001.

This was a lengthy and involved project that included staff training, implementation of a near-miss reporting system, monthly site audits to monitor staff behaviour, monthly directors’ meetings and quarterly health & safety meetings to set clear objectives for staff.

Implementing for future success

In addition there were meetings with regulators and insurance companies to demonstrate that positive change was being made in a timely fashion.

As a growing business with an expanding workforce, BHP Group helped to return the competency back in-house, providing additional consultancy to that department.

As a company, the client now has a very proactive set of health & safety systems in place and as a result, a very low accident rate.

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