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We understand that as a business owner, you may not have the time or adequate in-house resources to fully equip your business with the employment law and HR support it needs. BHP Group ensures you maintain a vibrant and dedicated workforce by working with you as an outsourced support partner, taking time to understand your business and tailor services to meet your needs.

Whether you require fully managed outsourced support or add-on services to support your existing internal resources, we listen to your needs and requirements, providing professional expertise to help protect your business.

Our wealth of experience and regular CPD ensure that we remain up to date, providing you with current and effective support where you need it most. Outsourcing your needs to us gives you more time to run your business whilst having the peace of mind that the management of your personnel is optimised at every level.

Recycling and waste management

Health & safety / training

The waste and recycling industry has again been branded the most dangerous industry to work in within the UK. This does not sit well with us and we are passionate about making a difference. In our opinion, the industry struggles with the ethos of staff working their way up through the business without receiving any training. A small business will often find itself with a foreman/ manager who was a waste picker. This is brilliant if the foreman/manager has been trained in how to be an effective foreman/manager but this is rarely the case.

Unfortunately, the business then struggles with the required level of skill, expertise and understanding of even basic health and safety knowledge. This is where we can help as we understand your business and can really make a difference by providing the foreman/manager in-house, on the job training and starting the culture change required.

In addition, we also write bespoke training manuals for the industry covering all aspects of your business. These are delivered to your staff with a multiple-choice exam to confirm the key learning topics. This becomes your evidence that training has occurred on multiple topics and can be simplified for agency staff if required.

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