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About the Course

The course covers the key aspects and business benefits of LinkedIn - the world’s most popular professional social networking platform.

This course shows how to join LinkedIn as an individual, a company or an organisation - and the essential steps needed to set up an account, write and optimise an individual LinkedIn Profile using keywords, and produce an impressive Company Page.

You’ll see how people, at whatever stage in their career, can use LinkedIn to search and apply for job opportunities, expand their networks and widen their professional reach. We’ll show you the right way to post Status Updates, receive Notifications, join groups and promote your Profile using endorsements and testimonials.

As a business, you’ll discover how LinkedIn is a highly effective tool for recruitment and researching competitors. You’ll see how to use LinkedIn for lead generation and brand awareness - and improve internal team collaboration through LinkedIn direct messaging.

Finally, we’ll highlight how to measure your business success on LinkedIn using Profile, Activity and People metrics.

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45 Mins

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