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ISO Management Systems are a useful component of any successful business framework which can support the cycle of continual improvement and work towards achieving or maintaining certification with a UKAS-accredited body to demonstrate your on-going commitment to your business, customers, the environment and health & safety. We can offer anything from a fully-managed contracted package for your ISO systems through to temporary cover designed to be flexible and cover either sickness absence or maternity cover.

Our ISO 9001 Consultants can help you implement a structured Quality Management Framework ensuring that customers’ needs and expectations are consistently met. The systems put in place will also help you standardise your policies and procedures across the business which can be extremely useful if you have more than one site.

Our ISO 14001 Consultants can help you develop and continually improve your environmental standards using a risk-based approach along the principles of Plan, Do, Check and Act.

Our ISO 45001 Health and Safety Consultants understand the previous standard OHAS 18001 and can help you transition or maintain either standard, again following the ‘leading from the top’ methodology required for ISO, also working on the principles of Plan, Do, Check, Act.

If you take out our health and safety support package, we will ensure that your ISO 45001 or OHAS 18001 accreditations are built into the package to help you with your auditing and compliance workloads.

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Although it is not a legal requirement, ISO standards are recognised and followed across many industry sectors. ISO certification provides assurance of adherence to particular quality measures in the development of products and services.

The decision to comply however, lies solely with the individual organisation.

Internal compliance indicates that a company’s workforce is both trained and encouraged to adhere to the policies and procedures agreed with, and set out by, ISO. Whilst non-compliance may not be legally challenged, breach of these rules and regulations may result in action being taken by ISO ultimately leading to the removal of the standard from the business.

UKAS or not UKAS?

A difficult question: UKAS accreditation can be expensive but is recognised internationally and can certainly be a benefit when tendering at the pre-qualification stage of a tender as it will certainly reduce the quantity of evidence required to demonstrate your business compliance.

However, the non-UKAS route can also have benefits within a small, growing business as it will ask all the same questions and is audited externally, although in our experience it is not as rigorous. Also, it is not always accepted when tendering, so a business should think carefully about the best route to take. BHP Group are happy to talk through the options so that you can make a clear and informed decision.

Once a business or organisation has obtained a certificate of compliance with ISO, to retain this status the business or organisation is subject to regular audits. It must also continually monitor its activities and document all operations so that accurate records are maintained. BHP Group can help you develop your internal audits in a framework that suits your business.

ISO auditors will then review these records periodically, usually annually, checking for accuracy and ensuring that a company or organisation is eligible to maintain its ISO-compliant status.

Being compliant gives a competitive edge to your business: it shows that you have a pride in achieving a compliance status above and beyond requirements, showing your organisation’s commitment to the highest possible standards.

BHP Group are experienced in helping businesses to achieve or to transition to the following Management Systems:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management)

  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)

  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)

  • BS OHAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety)

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