Practical and achievable goals

Following our initial review, BHP Group set up a meeting between the District Council’s Environmental Health Officer and our client’s Head Chef so that we could all more fully understand the set of issues that our client faced.

The meeting clarified the issues and we then developed a set of achievable steps, with tasks assigned to each step that were broken-down to become simple and achievable.

We then monitored the progress of the staff as they completed tasks and moved through the set of steps.

Success focused outcomes

We also kept in close contact with the assigned Environmental Health Officer, reviewed all paperwork and drew-up a working Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Our final step in the process was to re-train staff where necessary and stay in close contact with our client until the next visit from the Environmental Health Officer, (which is always unannounced).

When this visit took place, our client was awarded the highest possible score, a 5, and has since recommended us to other companies with whom we have also worked to help them raise standards.

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