Stuart from BHP providing an on-site audits.

On-Site Audits: Assessment and understanding

Within the financial capability of an SME, Stuart is able to suggest solutions to the issues that he uncovers because he is aware that issues may continue to be ignored if they are financially unfeasible to resolve.

Whilst on-site, Stuart takes the time to help members of staff understand why there are errors in their daily working practices. All wisdom is imparted in an empathetic way, thus avoiding any confrontation.

On completion of the audit, a full report including photographic evidence is delivered to all the relevant operational staff and senior management team. The report is intended to guide the business as it implements the necessary improvements whilst also highlighting the improvements suggested in the previous report that have not yet been actioned.

Stuart providing on-site audits.

Positive business solutions

The examples of Stuart’s knowledge bringing benefits to businesses are numerous and one that has been hugely beneficial to businesses is the changes he makes to how companies sort on-site waste.

Many sites, due to size or financial restrictions, segregate waste through a combined manual and machine method on the yard floor, leading to regular man Vs. machine cross over incidents. In these situations, Stuart has convinced the management about the benefits of picking stations and assist with the sourcing of the plant and its final design ensuring safety is considered throughout the process.

In cases where financial restrictions have prevented the implementation of picking stations then staff are trained in the use of refuge areas and these are rigorously enforced ensuring separation of mobile plant and staff due to the sorting process.

Stuart providing on-site audits.

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